The Campbell Police Department invites applications for the Entry Level Police Officer position. We are dedicated to cultivating success in our trainees, guiding them toward their fullest potential. Competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits are provided.

Join us in making a meaningful impact in a community that upholds values of Service, Justice, and Fundamental Fairness. Discover endless opportunities to contribute positively while prioritizing exceptional customer service, fostering community partnerships, and responding to community needs effectively.

The Entry Level Police Officer is a non-sworn member of the Department who will attend a POST-Certified Basic Police Academy. Upon graduation from the Academy, the Trainee will be sworn in as a Police Officer and begin serving the 18 month probationary period. Upon appointment to the position of Police Officer, the monthly salary will be increased to the first step of the Police Officer salary range.

salary & benefits


  • Entry Level Police Officer Salary: up to $189,196

Specialty Pay

  • Retention Pay: One time benchmark bonuses at 5, 10, 15, & 20 years.

  • Bilingual Pay: $100 per pay period

  • Canine Pay: Canine handlers receive 5% of base pay rate

  • Field Training Officer: 5% of base pay rate

  • POST Police Officer Intermediate Certificate - 5.0%

  • POST Police Officer Advanced Certificate - 7.5%


  • CalPERS - Formula is dependent on hire date and member status in CalPERS. Please see our benefit summary for more information.

  • The City contracts Health Insurance through CalPERS with several plans available.

  • The City contributes $2,285 for family, $1,757 for employee plus one, or $879 for employee, towards health insurance coverage.

  • The City pays the monthly premiums for employee and eligible dependents for VSP Vision and Delta Dental coverage.

  • City paid life and long term disability insurance for employee.

  • Employees earn 11-21 days of vacation based on years of service.

  • Receive 5.4% in lieu of holiday pay.

  • Employees earn 3.69 hours of sick leave per pay period.

  • The City contributes $170.00 per pay period to VEBA, the City’s Voluntary Employee Benefit Association.

  • Employees are eligible to receive up to $3000 per year in tuition reimbursement.

  • Uniform allowance $1,110 per year.


Typical duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Upon appointment, will be required to attend and successfully complete and graduate from a POST Basic Police Academy;

  • Must participate in and pass all required classes at the academy;

  • May be required to ride on patrol as an observer;

  • May be required to perform other non sworn duties as required.

  • Enforces Federal, State and Municipal laws and ordinances;


Education & experience:

  • Completion of 40 semester units or 60 quarter units from an accredited college or university (college units must be completed at time of application).

  • Successful completion and graduation from POST Basic Police Academy will be required within six months from date of hire which will provide 21 additional college level units.

  • No experience necessary.

Ability to:

  • Learn laws of arrest and pertinent local, State and other laws;

  • Reasonably interpret the technical concepts of law;

  • Use and care for firearms;

  • Observe and remember names, faces, numbers, incidents, and places and judge situations and persons accurately;

  • Work without exacting supervision;

  • Operate a police mobile and portable radio;

  • Prepare accurate police reports.

Possession of:

  • Valid California Driver's License and a satisfactory driving record are conditions of initial and continued employment.

Additional Requirements:

  • Legally authorized to work in the United States under Federal Law.

  • At least 20.5 years of age at the date of application and age 21 by date of appointment.

  • Physical capacity to meet standards established by the City of Campbell.

  • 20/20 corrected vision in both eyes. 20/40 uncorrected vision (both eyes) for those wearing glasses or hard contact lenses. Uncorrected vision requirements may be waived for persons wearing soft contact lenses upon verification of vision stability.

become a cpd officer

Step 1

Prepare For Your Career

Meeting the minimum qualifications for your career is essential, but surpassing them, networking, developing soft skills, staying updated, and mastering interviews amplifies your chances for success.

Step 2

Pass Written Test

To qualify, candidates must pass the PELLETB, requiring a T-Score of 50 or above in the PELLETB written exam. However, exemptions exist for those who have been employed as Police Officers in the last 12 months, alleviating the need for proof of these specific scores.

Step 3

Create a governmentjobs.com Login

Applications must be submitted through governmentjobs.com.

Step 4

Complete Application Questionnaires

Answer all provided questions thoughtfully and thoroughly to demonstrate your qualifications effectively.

Step 5

Submit Required Documents

Upload all necessary documents accurately to showcase your skills and experiences clearly.

Step 6

Complete Application

Ensure all sections are filled out correctly and finalize your application submission.

Applicants meeting the qualifications and submission of all necessary documents may be invited to continue in the selection process.

Step 7

Personal Histroy Questionnaire

Applicants meeting the qualifications and submission of all necessary documents will be asked to provide a personal history background.

The Personal History Background is designed to identify applicants who do not meet the minimum standards to become a Police Recruit and proceed with the process.

This step may save the ineligible applicant considerable time and effort involved in the interview process.

Step 8

Oral Board Interview

This step in the process consists of a series of panel interviews.

Candidates will be asked five to eight questions, not necessarily police-related. Pass Point is 70% or higher. Results are valid for three years.

Candidates who successfully complete the Oral Board Interview will be placed on a list of eligible candidates.

Candidates selected to advance to the Background Investigation Process will be notified approximately 3 weeks later.

Step 9

Background Investigation

Candidates being considered for appointment will be subject to a polygraph examination and a background investigation.

Upon a conditional offer of employment, candidates will also be required to pass medical and psychological exams.

Prior to hire, candidates will be required to successfully complete a pre-employment process, including employment verification and a Department of Justice (DOJ) fingerprint check.

Candidates being considered for appointment will be subject to a polygraph examination and a background investigation.

Step 10

Police Acedemy

The Campbell Police Department participates in a number of academies throughout the region. All academies are a 26-week program.

Recruits who successfully passed the application and interview process are paid the current contract hourly rate while in the Academy.

Upon graduation, you will enter the Field Training Program (FTO) for additional training as a CPD officer on the street.

Step 11

Field Training Program (FTO)

The Field Training Officer (FTO) program is the “street” training for officers just graduating from the academy. This is a period where newly graduated Police Recruit Officers will take what they learned in the academy and apply it to the street.

New officers will be assigned to experienced CPD Field Training Officers throughout the FTO program. Daily evaluations are given to document progress through this training period.

Those who successfully complete the Field Training Program are assigned to the Patrol Division as a solo beat officer.